all right let me tell you how much I hate goomers I hate Goomers more than I hate other things other things such as licorice
and the gym and the shity MC afee pop ups oh my computer I think they should stop doing that to be completely honest with you
Gamers not goomers but gamers you may be asking me Midori
loves mail but not Midori I'm not Midori or momaeda I am instead of the Beloved moderator of this wonderful log
on the internet anyway I hate goomers consumers are not epic I hate Goomer so much unironically I despise
them I wish that the vultures outside instead of packing my flesh off because I am a rotting little boy
instead they would pick off the Flesh of goomers god it is 12:12 on 3:30 wait wait a second wait a second there's a 30th day of March
what I never knew that honestly I just assumed that every month is 29 days like like in rune Factory I think I think that's how Rune Factory works
anyway this is going to be a whole page and I'm sure I'll find some sort of meaning
to the lore I guess I'll say something kind of disturbing cuz that's fun I like it when things are disturbing
it's fun let's see one time I dreamt that I was a capitalist fat cat in the near future it was kind of like for but like
we went to the moon because you were having a nuclear war but then the robot went crazy and then it burned Us Alive with 
radiation from the inside out and I watched a man burned to death and he wouldn't stop screaming and then I woke up
in a cold sweat and that's inspired me to make love mail.
I don't really think that has any meaning to the to the story but I like that feeling it was pretty good
I mean not what I was like sweating and hyperventilating but after the fact that I was like hey.