Why do you like Sou Hiyori? A loaded question, but you’ll bite. Sou Hiyori, hereby referred to by his canonical pseudonym ‘Midori’, is Nankidai’s answer to the K*maeda shaped sleep paralysis nightmare that comes into my room at 4 in the afternoon and strangles me. I mean you. You mean you. Whatever he’s just neat. Also, he is in your room right now.
“Done writing the intro?” He chortles with a breeze of impatience. Yes, in fact, you are. He smiles and casually tosses himself onto your bed, not before briefly doing that little sway that cute girls in fighting games do, I’d like to believe you know the one. He then lays down stiffly, eyes to the ceiling. “What do you think the blood in cannibal movies taste like?” Snuff films? Is that what you’re (Midori) talking about? The illegal genre of film, Snuff? “No, I mean like, assuming it’s not real, what does it taste like?” He turns over in your direction and assumes the paint me like one of your french girls pose. You think he’s flirting with you.
“I mean, you wouldn’t have your actors eating real gore, (Y/N), and neither would I. For a matter of fact, I would want the blood to at least taste decent. At the risk of shoving more hyper-specified references into the slobbery gob of this text, remember those yandere cookies from 3 years ago?” The what? “Yandere cookies. Yandere Sando to be more specific. Those were the ones with the blood right? Strawberry chocolate. Ten minutes after you eat them you start emitting blood from your mouth. It’s kind of unclear how or what circumstances cause it to happen. Some say it’s one cookie out of the set, others say you have to eat several to start faux blood loss, regardless, during any of the reviews I’ve watched not one person has remarked that the blood tastes bad.” Ok. And? “It’s not my fault you’re (you) missing the point. I refuse to elaborate.” His body lifts itself ethereally off your bed despite never really being there. Neither of you pays it any mind.
He is still in the pose seen on line 11.